Monday, 31 October 2011

So where's the proper bus shelter for Yate?

You may remember we were promised that the new bus shelter would be done by the end of October? No sign of work on the ground, so as councillors we chased. We've now been told that the South Glos officer who was dealing with it has left.

We've spoken to another officer who has a record of being able to fix problem projects. He told us that the officer who left had passed on some notes, but as far as we can establish no firm date was agreed for installation, though it's thought that "this is likely to be before the end of November"

We've gone back and said this isn't good enough. The specification was agreed in July, we were told the end of October, and this sort of delay just isn't acceptable.

In the meantime, as some local people have remarked, it's ironic that Tesco's trolleys are now under shelter but bus passengers aren't.

We're continuing to chase, but it's like banging your head against a brick wall, it'll be lovely when we can stop...

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