Monday, 22 August 2011

Tetbury bus service axed - we were right all along!

Back in February we predicted that the Tetbury - Yate - Bath bus service would be vulnerable to cuts in Gloucestershire County Council's bus budget. At the time this was denied by the GCC Cabinet Member for Transport (see the comments on our February article)

Well, we were right. GCC have withdrawn their support, and from 4th September the bus will start in Old Sodbury, then run through Yate, Pucklechurch and Wick to Bath - the new 620 timetable is here

Update 30/08/2011 - details of the new No.27 Tetbury to Old Sodbury link have now been published - many thanks to our commenter who pointed this out. The 27 connects to the 620 to Yate and then Bath - details are on the same timetable. The service frequency has been reduced to match the demand, and passengers now need to change at Old Sodbury.

There will also be some minor changes to the 482, 483 Chipping Sodbury - Yate - Cribbs Causeway route from 18 September. On Mondays to Fridays the timetable is altered and journeys on 482 towards Cribbs Causeway are re-routed to operate direct from Highwood Road to the Bus Station, omitting the loop via The Venue and Asda. There will be no change to Saturday or Sunday arrangements. The new 482/483 timetable is available here

Other bus timetables are available on the South Glos website. Note that there are two timetables for some services like the 620 - one before the service changes, and one from the change date onwards.


  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Sorry but that's not entirely correct, the funding may have removed from the 620 service. However you fail to mention that funding is being provided for a replacement, Service 27. The details are on the councils website...

    "27 New service that operates between Tetbury and Old Sodbury as a replacement for the northern section of service 620. The service is run by Cotswold Centre for Voluntary Services."

    It is probable that it will run with a smaller vechile which will more accurately reflect the level of patronage over that section of the route.

    In future it maybe more approriate to fully check the facts before passing judgement, rather than rushing and attempting to use it some sort of point scoring exercise.

  2. Thank you for this information. Please can you give a full web address for that quote about the 27 bus? The text you've quoted isn't findable on Google, and the Glos CC website's "latest timetable pages" only shows the May 2011 amendments. There's also no timetable on it yet for the 27 service.

  3. Anonymous8:20 pm

    Info is about half way down under the 4th of September changes.

    The timetable can be found here.

  4. Thank you - the information was added to the South Glos website after the article was written and since the previous comments.

    I have added an update to the article above.