Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Results of Yate Bus Station questionnaire

Here are the results of our Yate Bus Station online survey - thank you to everyone who took part.

The majority of people (58%) preferred the "green" position for the shelter, followed by the "red" position at 39%. Blue came last at 3%.

The KEY ISSUE is that shelters should shelter people from wind and rain. Most people wanted shelters to be 4 sided, see-through, with several entrances, going down to the ground or very close, and they should be vandal-resistant.

Seats are wanted inside the shelters, 5 or 6 seats PER BUS BAY - quite a lot - with extra room for wheelchairs under the shelters as well (that's a new point). Some people suggested seats outside the shelters as well.

70% want backs to the seats. Some people wanted arms, but others feel this might restrict the number of people that can be accomodated (Maybe a mixture?). Others don't mind benches, but people in general HATE perch seats. Several people said "like the seats at Bristol Bus station".

There were various suggestions about where the Real Time Information sign should go, but general agreement that it needs to be visible from the shelter.

Static timetable positions (i.e. notice boards) are not as critical, but they should be grouped together. One person also suggested having static timetables in the middle of the shopping centre and outside the new Tesco, which makes sense.

We had 33 online responses, which appear to be a good cross-section of bus station users. All are from BS37 postcodes, and ages range from 20s to 80 and over. There is a spread of daily, weekly and monthly users. 4 of them have mobility disabilities. 12 usually carry shopping etc, 21 sometimes. 3 use a pushchair or wheelchair.

Yate Town Council has sent the results to South Glos, and we're now waiting to hear back. We'll keep you updated, but South Glos hasn't given us a timescale for a decision. In the meantime our petition is still open - please click on the link in the right hand column.

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