Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Kingsgate Park Community Music Festival this weekend (25th/26th June)

Yate Town Council's free 2-day Community Music Festival will take place in Kingsgate Park this Saturday and Sunday.


  • Festival opens at 1 pm
  • Features local bands, including Live Wire, LA Boolaheads, Midlife Crisis, Uncle Buck, Tundra, Oblio, Blackwolf and One for the Fallen.
  • Performance area, where local dance groups and clubs can promote their acts.
  • Children's rides, side shows, craft and food stalls, face painting, play areas, beer tent.
  • Praise in the Park event at 10.30 am, organised by local Churches. 
  • Picnic in the Park from 3 pm to 5 pm featuring the Apollo Big Band. Please come along, relax with a picnic and listen to the big band sound.


  1. Anonymous5:11 pm

    What a shame the organisers didn't do something about the litter before the park was opened to all on Monday morning. Plastic bags everywhere, all the bins full to overflowing, glasses and bottles. In short an absolute disgrace.

  2. Anonymous10:38 pm

    What a shame!I saw litter pickers going around, it was possibly people that stayed on afterwards after the show was over!We were there from southampton visiting friends.You should be very proud all your young people were having a fun time,there was no D and D,no',and agressive shouting or threating behaviour.It was a great afternoon/evening.Thankyou.T.Jordan