Sunday, 8 May 2011

Yate Bus Station options - please tell us what you think

South Glos has sent out some ideas for comment, but their ideas lack detail and don't answer the key questions. All they've done is give three options for where the shelters could go - two of which are so far from the actual bus stops that they will leave elderly and disabled people having to sprint to the bus with their shopping, so they would be useless.

They haven't produced any designs which show what the shelters will be like - and of course that is the main thing we are all worried about. And they have given no information about seating, or the reversing bays.

The questions they have asked for comments on are equally the wrong questions. Nice to be asking us about how and where we would like bus time information, but actually, the top priorities for us as users are issues like:

  • Where do you want seats? (in the shelters and very close to the bus pick up points for the less agile)
  • What type of seats? (backs and arms would be nice)
  • How many?  (well at least four times what we have got at present for starters - what do people think).
  • What sort of shelter do you want? (four sides, see through, more than one entry so we feel safe, sides right to the ground so we don't get horrid drafts round our ankles, vandal resistant)
So we've posted the Council's plans and questions to our web site. Please click on each of these links to see the plans:
Please look at these plans and decide which of them you prefer, or maybe you would want to see something different. The rectangles would be conventional bus shelters, the triangles indicate the entrances, and "RTI" means Real Time Information boards.

(In case you're having problems figuring out what is where on the plans, the bus bays are at the bottom of the plan. The main Link Road is up the right hand edge, and the pathway towards the shops runs up into the top left hand corner)

Then please complete our more detailed questionnaire here
Update 24/05/2011: The online survey is now closed. We'll report back on this blog with details of the survey findings. But our petition is still open - see the link in the right hand column


    1. Anonymous1:40 pm

      Is there any chance that someone could name some of the areas around the bus stop, so people know where the entrance and exit is? I can't get a handle on it at present.

    2. The bus bays are at the bottom of the plan, the main Link Road is up the right hand edge, and the pathway towards the shops runs up into the top left hand corner. Does that help?

    3. Interesting options - it's almost like they're not options at all considering only one seems realistic. Perhaps they were drawn up by a non-bus user?

      I agree with the need for more seats, even at slow times they fill up quickly - all it takes is for a couple of people to sit in the middle of a bench and it's full. The one's we have are just poorly designed in my opinion. I'd go for something like this so people can sit on both sides comfortably and with inner 'arms' to divide the space up a bit better.