Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tory South Glos hands land and money to developers

Recent decisions by the Conservative administration on South Glos Council have tilted the balance well in favour of developers.

Firstly, they've allocated the Frenchay Hospital land for housing in their Core Strategy. This not only means that there would be no hope of getting a hospital back there, however much our area grows with all the new housing they propose here. It also means much more traffic on the routes to the main employment areas for our town - Bristol and the North Fringe. So it'll take you longer to get to work, and a lot longer to get to our nearest hospital, Southmead.

What's more the Tories have let developers off £450,000 - yes, nearly half a million pounds - of contributions towards open space and public transport that they had already legally agreed so that they could get planning permission. That's money taken out of our community pocket and going straight into the developers' coffers.

It's time this Tory administration paid more attention to local people, not big business. It's very simple:


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