Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Details from the doorsteps

One of the good things about campaigning is the range of issues we uncover or hear from voters. Here is a small selection from the last few days:

  • The number of HGVs ignoring weight limits in Chipping Sodbury - like the massive lorry that miraculously managed to get round the corner at the War Memorial end of Hatters Lane
  • The problems people have trying to find bungalows that will accommodate a large wheelchair
  • The lack of public loos that will take a motorised wheelchair
  • The number of people who don't look outside their front doors regularly. We've knocked on a few doors to tell them there's a parcel outside - sometimes it's been there for days.
We're sure there are many more local issues that you want to tell us about, so please contact Steve Webb or one of the Focus Team (see the full list here)

The Focus Team has been working for you for 30 years
(Sometimes it feels like longer! - Editor)

We're not around only at election time - unlike some others. Please vote for us - just look for the "bird" symbol on the ballot paper!

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