Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Accidents and the Air Ambulance

Over the last few days the Air Ambulance was called to two accidents in Yate, one at Eggshill Lane and one in Church Road. This made us think...

  • Was the helicopter being used because of serious traffic problems?
  • Will this become normal if all those extra houses come to Yate, bringing lots of extra traffic?
  • How much does this cost compared to a normal ambulance?
  • Will the helicopter be needed more when Frenchay Hospital closes and people have to be transported to Southmead?
  • What happens when Filton Airfield closes?

Of course we don't know the circumstances that applied to these two accidents - it may be that the air ambulance was the most appropriate method of providing treatment.

But do any of our readers have comments or relevant background information on the service?

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