Monday, 28 March 2011

Yate bus station - sign our petition! But who will pay?

After various meetings there seems to be agreement that Yate's bus station needs a radical redesign. The Gazette reports that Tesco is keen to have a permanent indoor shelter, just across from where its new megastore is under construction.

The problem is that this would cost £40,000 to £60,000. Town councillor Chris Willmore, who has been leading calls to have it rebuilt, said: "As soon as it opened we held an emergency meeting with representatives from First Bus, the council, shopping centre owners Dominion and Tesco"

"Rather than focus on which of them was responsible for this mess, we urged them to focus on finding a solution. Tesco and Dominion were committed to getting a solution quickly. The council unfortunately started talking about the fact a change would need planning consent, which would take six to eight weeks"

"People before technology"

Cllr Willmore talked about the complaints from people getting soaked while waiting for the bus. She said "Interactive bus signs should be here in April but we have warned the council that if they end up putting in that expensive technology before they have got the basics right, like shelter from the rain, they will have to account to the public. The public quite rightly want to be dry as their first step"

South Glos Council has said that that they are waiting to hear from Tesco or the shopping centre owners Dominion about options for a redesign.

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