Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yate youth clubs saved from funding axe

Local councillors have welcomed the news that South Gloucestershire Council has pulled back from major cuts to youth services in Yate. Youth clubs had been told that funding to St Nicholas Youth Centre at Abbotswood would be cut by 65%, together with significant cuts to Brimsham Green Youth Centre.

After concerted lobbying from local councillors South Gloucestershire has now guaranteed funding for another year.

Dodington Parish Councillor Paul Hulbert said “South Glos seemed to think that because the Youth Café will be open in a few months time, local services could automatically be scaled back. The Youth Café was never a replacement for existing youth clubs, all along it was intended as an exciting new facility for our young people”

“As a councillor for a ward with one of the highest proportions of young people in South Glos, I was appalled at the prospect of St Nicks being cut to just a couple of ‘pool and pop nights’. Without adequate funding there is no way that local youth work can be developed and improved to tackle existing problems in Abbotswood and the surrounding area”

Yate Town Councillor Chris Willmore said “I am relieved that proposals to cut funding to St Nicks and Brimsham have been dropped from the Conservatives’ draft Budget"

"All the groups providing youth services in Yate have been working together, and as chair of the Youth Cafe Project I am delighted that funding has been continued for St Nicholas for another year. When we heard it was under threat, all our local councils united to support the project”

South Gloucestershire Councillor Ruth Davis (Lib Dem, Yate Central) said "This is an excellent result for Yate.  It means that the new youth cafe can be opened based on what the new users want rather than be expected to cover evening sessions that were previously covered by Brimsham and St Nicholas Youth Clubs”.

“It's really important that young residents decide what they would like provided, and when, for all three centres to be successful”

South Gloucestershire Council has said that funding for local youth centres will now be reviewed again after the Youth Café has been open for a year.

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