Monday, 21 February 2011

Exciting Developments at Woodlands Primary School

Parents, staff and Governors have been coming together to give overwhelmingly positive feedback to a potential joining for Woodlands Primary, with the Ridings Federation, specifically Yate International Academy. This will create an all through education for 4-19 year olds in the area.

Councillors Ruth Davis and Dafydd Holbrook, also governors at Woodlands Primary, have engaged with the Ridings Federation to gain assurances that any funding awarded to Woodlands Primary stays there.

Councillor Dafydd Holbrook said "This is a very exciting opportunity for the children and parents of south Yate, a welcome injection of extra money for the pupils of Woodlands Primary School, who will also benefit from the extra learning resources found within the soon to be built new facilities of Yate International Academy."

A final decision is set to be taken by the Governing Body of Woodlands Primary School in March.

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