Monday, 6 December 2010

Link Road, Yate - parking and turning restrictions

South Glos Council is consulting about the revised parking and turning restrictions on Link Road, Yate. The planning permission for the Tesco redevelopment required improvements such as better access to Yate bus station, and safer pedestrian links and routes for cyclists on the B4059 Link Road.

If you haven't seen the plans for this area before, these are worth a quick look - for example, you can see the new bus station layout, and what the road layout will look like when the current works have been finished.

Drivers coming out of the Shopping Centre car park at the exit between the petrol station and the new bus station will still be able to turn either way. Right turners will now have a refuge in the middle of the road so that they don't have to cross both lines of traffic at once, which should make that manoeuvre a lot safer.

The consultation is open until 22 December.

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