Thursday, 23 December 2010

Abbotswood shops - Councillors welcome emergency action on lethal walls

Crumbling brickwork falls onto walkway below

Local councillors have welcomed emergency action by South Gloucestershire Council to deal with falling brickwork at Abbotswood shopping centre, Yate. Since May South Glos has been called out on a number of occasions to deal with reports of damage and hazards to public safety.

The ownership of the walkways and stairs to the flats is in dispute, so the council has stepped in to carry out emergency works. So far they have put up temporary boarding and safety barriers at a cost of £800.

The problem is still getting worse as a result of frost damage and coping stones being removed, possibly by vandals, so that the wall cavity is exposed. The wall is 4 metres high, and falling brickwork could be fatal for anyone walking underneath.

The emergency work will be carried out as soon as the freezing weather finishes – mortar won’t set properly in the current temperatures. South Gloucestershire will then consider legal action to recover the costs from the owner, once identified.

Councillor Alan Lawrance (Lib Dem, Dodington) said “The Abbotswood community welcome South Gloucestershire’s recognition of the maintenance and health and safety problems within the shopping area and their willingness now to take action”

“Local councillors and the Abbotswood Action Group have sought to bring the absentee landlord to task for a number of years and will continue to strive to make the area a fit place for our community”

Alan was interviewed on the Steve le Fevre breakfast show on Radio Bristol this morning - listen again here (starting just after 1 hour 8 minutes, available for the next week)

This is one of the busiest accesses to Abbotswood

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