Friday, 19 November 2010

Latest on new recycling collections

The new recycling services start on Monday (22nd November). You should receive your new containers by Sunday afternoon, but some people won't get their plastic bottle bags due to the ship carrying them being delayed. Instead you will be given two large clear plastic bags as a temporary measure or you can use any other sturdy re-usable bag you might have, such as an Ikea bag or a "bag for life". Don't use lightweight plastic carrier bags. If you haven't received your new containers by Sunday evening, please ring the Contact Centre on on 01454 868000 Monday to let them know. This is also the number to ring if you have any other enquiries.

Some people are concerned about the fact cardboard will no longer be allowed in the green bins. Initially, the advice was to put it inside the largest cardboard box you are sending for recycling or to put it under your green been. Now we are told you can place cardboard in a sturdy re-usable bag and place it by the side of the bins. The cardboard will be collected and the bag returned.

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