Saturday, 30 October 2010

A listening council? Only if you shout loud enough!

South Gloucestershire residents will have to get a massive 2,500 signatures on a petition to require their Council to debate an issue after Tory and Labour Councillors blocked Lib Dem plans for a lower figure.

At last week's Council Meeting, the Lib Dems argued that 500 was a large enough number to deter time wasters and said there should be the option to debate any petition or explain why not. They expressed concern about the impact on people in rural areas, as small communities would struggle to get 2,500 signatures.

Frampton Cotterell Councillor Pat Hockey said, “If we send out the message that we are interested in the issues raised by petitioners and ready to debate them, they may come along and make Council meetings more lively and worthwhile. If 500 people want their Council to debate something then I certainly believe it must be important and that it is our duty as a listening council to do so.”

Dave Hockey added, “The Council claims on its website that ‘We’re committed to getting involved – working with, listening to and involving local people in our decision-making and action.’ Our proposal would have put those words into action. Why are the other parties so afraid of discussing what local people would like to be done?”

Pat Hockey explained the reasons behind the Lib Dem proposals on Radio Bristol this week - fast forward to the 7 o'clock news (30 minutes in) then the report and discussion (37 minutes in)

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