Monday, 23 August 2010

Cycle routes - new proposal for Chedworth section of link to Railway Path via Westerleigh

Some months ago South Glos produced proposals for a much-needed cycle route from Yate to the Bristol and Bath Railway Path. Most of the public comments were in favour, but residents of Chedworth objected to a section of the path that would have run between their homes and the railway.

South Glos has now produced a new plan which shows the path entering the south end of Chedworth (nearest to the mini-roundabout). Cyclists would then go up the full length of Chedworth and join a new and upgraded path close to the railway side of the Common, leading to the far end of the Road to Nowhere and then on to Station Road.

This seems to be an improvement, though more detail is needed about the Nibley Lane junction. That would come a little later, as it's just a planning application at the moment.

You can see the new plan on the South Glos website - look for "Revised Plan SPUR - ROUTE 15 - SHEET 03" at the bottom of the list of documents. It's a big file, so if you have any difficulties loading it you may have to right-click and "Save As".

Then near the top of the web page, just under the heading "Summary", you can click on "Comment on Application" to make your views known. So that all points of view are represented properly, we suggest that you put in a comment whether you're for or against the new version of the scheme. Comments should ideally be submitted before mid-September to allow South Glos staff to prepare their report for a meeting about the planning application.

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