Thursday, 22 July 2010

Yate Youth Venue and Cafe - the Armadillo is coming!

Chris Willmore explains the building and the way the Youth Venue and Cafe will be run

Several of the key committee members at the launch

Representatives of local organisations examine the plans

Yate Youth Venue and Cafe project was officially at launched two very well attended sessions this week, when representatives of local organisations and councils came to Poole Court to hear the details of the project.

This striking new building, which has already been nicknamed "The Armadillo", will be constructed on the side of the Leisure Centre and extend towards the roundabout.

Cllr Chris Willmore explained that it is not intended to be a youth club - it will be a cross between a students union and a social enterprise cafe, with young people very involved in running it. Young people have already been very involved in the design and the steering group.

This is a joint project of Yate Town Council and South Gloucestershire Council. The core funding is secure to build the venue and to provide core opening hours, but they are now seeking sponsorship for many of the facilities within the building and to have more sessions each week.

Work has just started on the ground and the building should open in April next year.

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