Saturday, 26 June 2010

Yate Community Music Festival a resounding success

The Echoes on stage at Kingsgate Park

The Festival was packed out today, with everyone enjoying the music and the sunshine. A big thanks to the performers and to everyone involved in putting it on. Don't forget, there's more tomorrow (Sunday) starting with Praise in the Park at 10.30am, organised by local Churches. Then finally there's 'Picnic in the Park' from 3pm to 5pm featuring the Apollo Big Band. So please come along, relax with a picnic and chill out to the big band sound.


  1. Anonymous5:32 am

    I was a Craft stall holder at this event yesterday. I was shocked and appalled by the lack of community spirit shown by the festival goers. I am seven months pregnant. Some young men (immature chavs who at five in the afternoon had clearly had too much to drink already) tried to steal my pasting table and empty Sainsbury's cool bag after I had left them for five minutes to take some things to my car. Nobody tried to stop them, nobody tried to help me when I ran to get my things back and not one person asked if I was ok. I think the people of Yate should be ashamed of themselves. I feel very let down and upset that not one person thought to say to thoes idots, 'I don't think those things are yours, put them down'. People had been sat around me all afternoon and had seen me pack up my things, yet they all stood there whilst a pregnant lady had to try and run after and get back her things herself. Who would want to steal a £5.99 pasting table anyway? I think the organisers should reconsider the sale and allowance of alcohol on the site. Needless to say I will never be comming back to Yate to participate in any events. This is very sad as I actually grew up and went to school in Yate. I am glad I moved away, clearly nothing has changed and the people there are still horrible.

  2. Sorry to hear of this despicable incident - I will pass your comments on to the organisers.