Monday, 27 April 2009

Buses - a partial victory - maybe TV coverage tonight

Just to let you know that South Glos Council has responded to our petition and all your emails. They've agreed to subsidise the X27. Key points are:

Good news:
- Hourly X27 service retained from Yate via North Yate, main road past Iron Acton, Winterbourne to Bristol.
- It will bypass Bristol Bus Station and continue to the Centre, which will be helpful for some people
- Still run by First, so no problem with tickets if you're changing to another bus in Bristol

Bad news:
- Only two X27 buses before 0900, instead of five (standing room only?)
- No X buses for South Yate loop
- South Yate / Birds drop from daytime service of two X buses plus one slow service per hour, to two slowcoach services only

We're expecting TV coverage on ITV local news tonight - watch it if you see this in time.

We'll post more details here in due course.

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