Saturday, 7 February 2009

An end to the "cars for sale" nuisance at roundabout

After pressure from local councillors, the new waiting restriction at Rodford Way roundabout (3 hours in any 6 hour period at all times) will finally come into operation on 2 March. This will remove a traffic hazard and a nuisance for local residents and users of the Common.

South Glos originally suggested a 2 hour limit during the day only - this would not have been long enough for users of the Common, and there would still have been lots of cars for sale. Local councillors protested and got the limit changed.

Photo - Cllr Alan Lawrance has been fighting for the waiting restriction on behalf of local people.


  1. If these used car traders simply move on somewhere else, your Council could try this:
    (you'll have to copy and paste to your browser.
    It worked!

  2. Thanks Mike, that's a good idea. By the way, around here the trendy amateur used car dealers are now carrying a number of mobile phones, a different one for each car on sale. That way they don't appear to be selling multiple cars in the same location, and their potential customers are fooled into thinking that it's a private sale.