Tuesday, 27 January 2009

DEC Gaza Appeal - BBC & Sky won't show it but we will

The BBC and Sky refused to show the DEC Gaza appeal, Nick Clegg today made the decision to show the video on www.NickClegg.com, his Facebook profile and the Liberal Democrats are also showing the video on the party site www.LibDems.org.uk.
We are showing it here too - just click on the video above.

Please help.

Link to DEC website
Appeal phoneline 0370 60 60 900

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  1. Almost nightly during the three weeks of the assault on Gaza I heard statements broadcast by the BBC from people (Israeli spokespersons) arguing that I should have no sympathy for the Palestinians under attack in Gaza. They deserved it. They had elected a nasty bunch of people as their government. It was due to circumstances that they were themselves responsible for. And somehow, it was added, even if the ordinary Palestinians weren’t responsible then the nasty people that they elected should be held accountable for the civilian deaths as these nasties had been hiding among the civilians and shooting rockets at Israel.

    This is the impartiality that the BBC defends. An impartiality that doesn't distinguish properly between civilians and combatants. An impartiality that gives daily voice to Israeli fears and concerns but seldom voices those of ordinary Palestinian victims. Thompson disgusts me.