Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Government's online housing consultation held up "because Gary is on holiday"

Apparently recent comments on the governments proposal for massive housing developments in South Glos and elsewhere in the region are not being updated on the ministry website.

We do no better than quote Hansard for Steve Webb's speech to the House of Commons in this week's housing debate:

'One of my constituents, Ron Morton, who chairs the Shortwood green belt campaign, rang the Government office for the south-west and asked, “Why are there no more comments since 25 September?” He was told that the official consultation website is not currently being updated with participant submissions, because “Gary is on holiday.” [Laughter.]

'There is a serious point here. He has asked me to put to the Minister the following question: can the Minister extend the consultation period, this time by a period at least equal to Gary’s holiday, because given the crucial timing of Gary’s absence, the backlog of comments on his return is likely to be substantial?'

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