Thursday, 6 December 2007

Food for thought - If the world were a village...

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  1. Just think about the huge strides we are making though.

    Absolute poverty is on the decline, both in percentage terms and numbers (meaning poverty is declining faster than the rate of population increase).

    Most people in the world are richer than at any time ever before, and the world is actually more equal than ever before.

    A few things which are not included though, which are even more fundamental are things like how only a few can trade with each other without paying large taxes or having to sell to a monopsonist purchaser.
    How few have the opportunity to better their lives because of their corrupt governments.

    The world is getting better, we should be thankful, but it is true we have quite a way to go.

    My grand parents would never have imagined this world, the amount of wealth which ordinary people in the UK have, the technology which benefits us. The fact that fewer and fewer people are living on $1 a day. Their parents and grand-parents would quite possibly have had to live like that.

    There is hope for the future, but to realise it we need freedom and liberty - that is why liberalism is the best course.

    (I also think its a bit out of date - I'm sure a majority of people now live in a city or town)