Sunday, 15 July 2007

A mast too far - or One plus Two equals "3"

In a shock double decision mobile phone company “3” has been given permission for two mast sites in South Yate. Within days of a government inspector allowing 3’s appeal for a site on Scott Way next to Merlin Way, South Gloucestershire Council has given permission for their alternative site on Rodford Way, near Harescombe.

“Residents in Harescombe are disgusted at this latest South Glos decision,” said Dodington Parish Cllr Mandy Sainsbury. “They don’t see why their local Planning Authority has so spectacularly failed to support their objections. Even if 3 choose not to use the Harescombe site, if we’re not careful another company could grab the location”.

“One of the reasons given for the Harescombe site was that there is already another mast a few metres away next to Blaisdon”, said fellow councillor Paul Hulbert. “We’ve been promised that South Glos will review its procedures for dealing with these masts. Legally the mobile phone companies have massive powers, but even so South Glos needs to get its act together to try to protect the local area from this sort of overdevelopment”.

The mobile phone companies’ legal powers were granted by the 1980s Conservative government. Private Members Bills backed by Steve Webb MP to remove the powers have been repeatedly blocked by the current Labour Government.

If you want to back Steve Webb's campaign, please visit Steve's web page and sign the "Mast Madness" petition.

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