Sunday, 15 July 2007

Councillor suggests new approach to car sales nuisance

Cllr Alan Lawrance checks out some of the cars for sale at Westerleigh Rd roundabout.

A South Glos councillor’s “homework” could pay dividends with a new approach to the nuisance of cars for sale around the Westerleigh Road roundabout, Yate. The cars occupy spaces intended for people visiting the Common.

Alan Lawrance recently attended a training session on Street Trading, where it was explained that if streets were zoned, trading in a particular area would need a licence. What is more, several court cases in London mean that selling a single car could be regarded as street trading.

Dodington Parish Council’s Environment and Planning Committee has now written to South Gloucestershire Council asking for the Westerleigh Rd roundabout to be designated as a no-trading area.

“This could be a way to stop this long term nuisance” said Dodington Parish Cllr Paul Hulbert. “If these spaces aren’t occupied for hours or days at a time, visiting cars won’t block up the nearby streets”.

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