Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Sodbury Youth Centre / Sea Stores

Sheila Mead and I (Paul Hulbert) visited a few places in Sodbury and the Birds the other day. This is the new Youth Centre off Hounds Road - much better than the previous premises upstairs at the Old Grammar School.

Here is Sheila outside the Sea Stores. After the public consultation, South Glos has just approved a design statement for the site - this is a guideline for the sort of development that is expected to go on the site. The current Government guidelines on housing density mean that there have to be some three and four storey blocks as well as conventional houses.

There will be a certain amount of land for public use, but we know that most of the site will go for housing. The owners - the Government - are now looking for developers, who will then apply for planning permission. At that stage there will be further consultations, and hopefully your views will have an influence on the design.

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