Thursday, 20 February 2020

Zero Tolerance to Graffiti in Yate: Graffiti Busters

  • Led by the Focus Team, Yate Town Council  has launched a new, FREE graffiti removal service to residents. Call 01454 856506

    Lead Councillor on graffiti, Alan Monaghan has made it clear that graffiti is not something the Town Council or residents are willing to accept in Yate.  

    The Council is proud to launch our own Zero Tolerance Scheme offering FREE graffiti removal for householders - any resident in Yate can use this service. 

    The Town Council has purchased specialised steam cleaning equipment and has introduced a ‘One Stop’ graffiti reporting service.

    To try to prevent the problem, the council is working with South Glos’ Anti-Social Behaviour and Community Safety Team and The Local Beat Team, who have created an active Problem-Solving Plan.

    Detached youth workers are working with young people to highlight the problems graffiti causes.  The council are also working with Virgin Media and BT Openreach to identify and clean the green and grey communication cabinets that have been attacked by spray can vandals.

    How can you help?

    You can help by reporting graffiti attacks, but we’ve identified that some of the graffiti tags round here are from groups based in Bristol.   Do you know who your younger family members are hanging out with?  Involvement with graffiti often leads to more serious crime.

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