Monday, 24 February 2020

Birds - Tree planting

Local councils and groups have been working with South Glos on the first year of a major tree planting programme. Across South Glos around 8,250 young trees have been planted. 

In Dodington Parish local councillors worked with residents to find out where they did and didn't want trees. For example they didn't want trees that would block where children play.

In Lilliput Park a class of children from Raysfield School planted 100 trees, helped by South Glos and Dodington staff and by volunteers from Avon Wildlife Trust Southwold Group. Before Christmas the same partnership helped schoolchildren create a wildlife flower area.

South Glos also planted trees near Goldcrest play area and along hedges around Abbotswood School, Kelston Close and near Chedworth. 

In all about 800 trees were planted in the parish. The extra trees will improve air quality and capture something between 0.5 and 5 tonnes of CO2 a year, bringing health improvements for local people.

Many of the trees will  have pollen rich flowers and fruit, ideal for birds (e.g crab apple, cherry and rowan), so there will be definite biodiversity gains.

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