Tuesday, 31 July 2018

All change on the buses

New high speed buses with special Yate numbers are being introduced from 2 September. The numbers change, and the times will change slightly - so you need to check YOUR journey carefully. Most of it is rebadging, so all the Yate buses have a Y number, making them easier to find.

But tucked in there are some significant changes. In particular, Cranleigh Court and Wellington Road areas lose the 46/X46 route - the route will exist, but it won’t go through Cranleigh Court / Halifax/Wellington Road. Nearest bus stops will be Church Road or Station Road. For many people it looks like their nearest stop will be in Randolph Avenue – with no shelter although the stop opposite that will no longer be served has a shelter.
  • Y1 - Every 30 minutes Mon - Sat (hourly on Sundays) via M32 high speed - old 47 route around Yate/Sodbury. In Bristol it goes to the BRI and the Centre, but not Bristol Bus Station. All other Bristol services go to the Bus Station.
  • Y2 - Hourly 7 days a week  on the old 47 route evenings, but day time it will start at Yate shopping centre.
  • Y3 - Hourly Mon to Sat, same route as old X46 but it will come into Yate along Station Road and do a one way route around Brimsham Park.
  • Y4 - Hourly 7 days a week same as old 46 as far as Yate Station, but will not serve Cranleigh Court Rd / Greenways Rd  area - it will go direct to Yate Bus Station  (so the 202 and 622 will be the only buses in Cranleigh Court)
  • Y5 - Hourly Mon to Sat (2 hourly on Sundays) on same route as old X49.
  • Y6 - Hourly Mon to Sat (2 hourly on Sundays) on the same route as old 82 

Please encourage people who use the buses to check their journeys and tell Ian Blair (ian.blair@southglos.gov.uk, tel 864099) about any other problems e.g. changes of times or precise routes. The new timetables are available here - just type in the new "Y" route number, click Submit, then click the "Display, Download and Print" button.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Sundridge Park resurfacing delayed until October

South Glos have said: "Unfortunately, we have had to postpone these resurfacing works.
I anticipate that they will be rearranged for the school holidays in October and will send out a confirmation letter nearer the time"

We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Works near Chedworth - rail clearup has started

The Network Rail works next to Chedworth ground to a halt a while ago when the main contractors Carillion went into bankruptcy. The good news is that Network Rail's new contractor is now on site for the remaining 4 weeks  or so of work, so we hope to see an improvement there soon.

On the project to electrify the main line, the Besom Lane temporary compound just across the footbridge from Shire Way is expected to remain until February 2019.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Wickwar Road to be closed 23 July to 4 August

More road works... A length of the B4060, the main road between Wickwar and Chipping Sodbury, will be closed from 23 July until 4 August 2018.

Drainage works will be taking place from 700m south of the junction with Frith Lane, heading 50 metres towards Chipping Sodbury.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Part of Sundridge Park to be closed for roadworks in August

Update 24/07/2018: South Glos say "Unfortunately, we have had to postpone these resurfacing works. I anticipate that they will be rearranged for the school holidays in October and will send out a confirmation letter nearer the time" - We'll keep you posted.

South Glos has advised that they will be resurfacing the length of Sundridge Park from the Kennedy Way junction with Kennedy Way southwards for 410 metres. That's down to the St Paul's School and yate International Academy entrances. Work should start around 6th August and take 10 days, working from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm.

The notice officially says that it will be in force "from the 6 August 2018 for a maximum period of eighteen months" but in practice the road will only be closed when the signs are in position.

What's more, the length of Kennedy Way from the Lidl junction to the Courtside Surgery junction will be closed for one night 8 pm to 6 am some time from 3 August, again for resurfacing.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Major roadworks in Winterbourne coming up

South Glos Council will be carrying out road drainage repairs and improvements on the B4058, High Street, Winterbourne, for up to 6 months from Monday July 23rd. There will be two-way traffic lights and partial road closures that are bound to have a significant effect on this busy commuter route.

Most of the time there will just be temporary traffic signals, but sometimes they will actually have to close the road, in which case diversions will be signed.

The aim is to stop the periodic flooding that happens there.

South Glos are holding a drop-in this Wednesday, 11 July, from 3 to 6 pm at Winterbourne and District Community Association, Watleys End Road.

Shire Way traffic scheme consultation

If you've driven down Shire Way in the last few days you may have seen the yellow "Proposed traffic scheme consultation" signs, but even if you've looked on the South Glos consultation web page it's not very easy to find.

It's actually listed as “Yate Spur - Link to Central Yate” because it's to do with improving the access to the Yate Spur signed cycle route. The aim is to enhance safety for cyclists and encourage additional non-motorised journeys.

The proposal is to put two advisory cycle lanes, each 1.5 metres wide, down Shire Way from the Rodford Way junction to the zebra crossing that leads to Sargeant's Farm Bridge and the path and cycle track across Wapley Common.

Under this plan, the space for the cycle lanes would be freed up by removing the speed-restricting build-outs and the centre line. There would also be a short diagonal cycle path to the gate next to zebra crossing, so that cyclists and pedestrians would meet at the gateway.

The consultation is only open until 25 July, so please could people make their views known to South Glos.Here are a few things to think about:
  • If you're a local motorist, do you think that removing the build-outs would increase traffic speeds on Shire Way? Would removing the centre line increase road hazards?
  • If you're a cyclist, would the proposed arrangement make you feel any safer?
  • If you walk across to Wapley, would you want cyclists and pedestrians coming together right on the gateway, next to the notice boards?
  • If you're a local resident, can you see parking problems if the cycle lanes are installed on this stretch, bearing in mind that there have been efforts to stop people parking on the grass?
 You can get direct to the consultation by clicking on this link

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Ready Steady Go for Yate Town Council's inclusive athletics project

Signing on the dotted line: Councillor Chris Willmore (chair of the Project Steering Group),
is pictured seated next to Councillor Karl Tomasin (vice-chair of the Project Steering Group),
with Councillors Mike Drew, John Serle and Tony Davis behind (from left – right).
Yate Town Council is delighted to confirm that they have signed and sealed legal agreements with South Gloucestershire Council so that its project to enhance and refurbish the track and field facilities at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex (YOSC) can start.

The development of the new track and field facilities at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex is scheduled to start on 9th July 2018 and will continue over the next few months.

Councillor Chris Willmore, the Yate Town Council Chair of the Project Steering Group stated:
"This is a wonderful step forward for sport in Yate.  It will give us modern athletics facilities that will last a generation.  It has been designed so para-athletes will have equal access, and includes innovative sports such as target sprint.  We thank the volunteers at YOSC who run the facility, Yate Athletics Club, the kind donors and governing bodies who have made this project possible.  We are delighted that Sodbury & Yate Business Association has adopted YOSC Ltd as their charity of the year, bringing a whole range of local businesses in to helping all the sports at YOSC, including boxing, football, hockey, rugby and walking football.”

Yate Town Council would also like to acknowledge a very generous donation received from an anonymous donor towards the project in the sum of £50,000.  The additional money will enable the project to provide enhanced facilities at the site.

The remainder of the funding for the replacement and enhancement project was secured by Yate Town Council through external funding and grants.

For further information please contact Yate Town Council via email info@yatetowncouncil.gov.uk or phone 01454 866506.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Beware grass fire risk

Beware of very high fire risk at present - please do NOT light fires, BBQs etc on grassland areas. This was a burnt-out area today near Shire Way, Yate.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Louise Harris joins Dodington Parish Council

Liberal Democrat Focus Team member Louise Harris has been co-opted to fill a vacancy on Dodington Parish Council. She will be representing the North West Ward, which covers the Shire Way and the south side of Rodford Way.

Louise has a lot of council experience, having previously been an elected member in London and Hampshire.  She grew up in the Bristol area and moved back last year.  Louise works for a charity that supports adults with learning disabilities. She is a committee member of Abbotswood Action Group and Chair of Yate Fairtrade.