Monday, 8 February 2016

Waste and recycling consultation - have your say

South Glos Council is currently consulting about their draft waste management strategy. The key points about this for most householders would be:
  • Replacing the 240 litre black bins with smaller 140 litre bins, still only collected every two weeks - the theory is that if people have smaller bins they will recycle more and send less to landfill
  • Having fewer different kinds of recycling containers, and using boxes rather than bags, but with recycling collections every week
  • Stopping collecting engine oil, car batteries and household batteries
There are no proposals to bring back free green waste collections - the Tories can't afford what they promised at the election.

And they haven't done the business case yet to work out how much all this will cost or save. Why are they consulting without working out the costs? It doesn't make sense.

You can have your say on the draft waste management strategy here - the consultation is open until 15 February.