Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The local dimension - A stronger local economy that will benefit everyone

South Gloucestershire is the economic powerhouse of the West of England and this has helped to keep unemployment well below the national average. But more needs to be done to ensure that our local economy benefits everyone.

We will:
  1. Expand and promote apprenticeship schemes that provide real experience and prospects for our young people.
  2. Work with businesses, schools and colleges to make sure people have the skills they need to help our local economy to thrive and create jobs.
  3. Continue to improve broadband connectivity throughout rural and urban areas and to give residents more choice over their broadband provider.
  4. Ensure even better support for new and existing businesses.
  5. Keep local high streets the centres of our communities.
 Our record of action...

By working constructively with central government and the Local Economic Partnership we’ve helped to foster strong employment growth across South Gloucestershire.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

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