Monday, 11 May 2015

Nibley Lane to close for cleaning 12 May

Nibley Lane (between Badminton Road and Westerleigh Road) is expected to close for cleaning between 9.30am and 2.30pm tomorrow, Tuesday 12th May.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Dodington Parish Council election results May 2015

  • BOON Linda Ann - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     885 ELECTED
  • PARSONS Annette Maria Elizabeth - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     855 ELECTED
  • RUSH Adrian Samuel - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     793 ELECTED
  • STEPHEN Gloria Elsie - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     861 ELECTED
  • WHITTLE Paul John - Conservative     623

  • ADAMS Barry John - Liberal Democrat Focus Team ELECTED without contest
  • BARRETT-WAINES Keely Amie - Independent ELECTED without contest
  • FITT David John - Independent ELECTED without contest
  • HULBERT Paul Aidan - Liberal Democrat Focus Team ELECTED without contest
  • JONES Philip - Conservative ELECTED without contest
  • LANE Dave - Independent ELECTED without contest
  • PHELPS Cliff - Liberal Democrat Focus Team ELECTED without contest
  • (Plus one vacancy)

  • HOWARD Christine Mary - Independent ELECTED without contest
  • ZAPATA Chris Antony - Independent ELECTED without contest
  • (Plus one vacancy)
All the existing councillors who stood again were re-elected. There are two new faces on Dodington Parish Council - Annette Parsons (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) and Phil Jones (Conservative)

Sodbury Town Council election results May 2015

  • ALLEN Brenda Mary Osyth - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     679 ELECTED
  • BALL James - Conservative     687 ELECTED
  • GOUGH Jack - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     634 ELECTED
  • MORSE David Ivor - Independent     396
  • O`ROURKE Philip Lawrence - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     614 ELECTED
  • RADMALL Desley Joy - Independent     400
  • SMITH Paddy - Conservative     658 ELECTED
  • TUBBY Steve - Conservative     583

  • BOON Linda Ann- Liberal Democrat Focus Team     631 ELECTED
  • CREER Rob - Conservative     644 ELECTED
  • HAYS Chris - Conservative     599 ELECTED
  • RUSH Adrian Samuel - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     557
  • WHITTLE Paul John - Conservative     566 ELECTED
  • WHITTLE Wendy Anne - Conservative     558 ELECTED

OLD SODBURY (5 seats)
  • DOWNES Pat - Independent     151 ELECTED
  • GIBSON Scott Kane  - Conservative     145
  • NUEVO Juan - Independent     234 ELECTED
  • RUMNEY PhiL     162 ELECTED
  • TUCKER Jane - Conservative     199 ELECTED
  • WILLIAMS Andy - Independent     212 ELECTED
Lib Dem Focus team have one fewer Sodbury Town Councillors than in 2011, with Adrian Rush losing his seat by just ONE vote.

Yate Town Council election results May 2015

YATE CENTRAL (3 seats)
  • CAMPBELL Ben - Liberal Democrat Focus Team ELECTED unopposed
  • GAWN John Henry - Liberal Democrat Focus Team ELECTED unopposed
  • WALKER Sue - Liberal Democrat Focus Team ELECTED unopposed

YATE NORTH (4 seats)
  • DREW Mike - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1954 ELECTED
  • EDMONDS Chris - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1648 ELECTED
  • FORD John Paul - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1568 ELECTED
  • NORTHAM Kion Kevan - Conservative     1403
  • WILLMORE Chris - Liberal Democrat Focus Team      1693 ELECTED


  • CHOWDHURY Aziz - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1225 ELECTED
  • KIRBY Cheryl Anne - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1356 ELECTED
  • MARSHALL Margaret Ann - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1469 ELECTED
  • MCGRATH Michael Paul - Labour     526

YATE SOUTH (2 seats)
  • DAVIS Tony - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     744 ELECTED
  • SHAW Jon - Conservative     399
  • THOYTS Penny - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     641 ELECTED

YATE WEST (5 seats)

  • BLAIR Ian William Johnston - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1549 ELECTED
  • DAVIS John Anthony - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1515 ELECTED
  • DOLLIN Mike - Independent     646
  • MONAGHAN Alan - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1346 ELECTED
  • PERKS Wully - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1396 ELECTED
  • TOMASIN Karl Dominic - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1175 ELECTED
  • WILLIAMS David Penry - Conservative     939
  • WILLIAMS Sonia - Conservative     879
The Liberal Democrat Focus Team have retained all 17 seats on Yate Town Council, with newcomers Ben campbell, John Gawn, Chris Edmonds, Cheryl Kirby, Penny Thoyts and Karl Tomasin replacing retiring councillors.

South Gloucestershire Council election results May 2015


  • BOON Linda Ann - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1862 ELECTED
  • CHANNON David Michael - Labour     429
  • CREER Rob - Conservative     1736 ELECTED
  • LANGLEY Kathleen - Labour     448
  • RUSH Adrian Samuel - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1614
  • WARREN Callum Jake - Conservative     1630
This represents a loss of one seat from Lib Dem Focus Team to Conservative. Thank you Adrian Rush for your valued service on South Glos Council.

DODINGTON (2 seats)
  • DAVIS Tony - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1592 ELECTED
  • FLETCHER Ann - Labour     498
  • JONES Phil - Conservative     879
  • MARTIN Russ - UKIP     920
  • SHAW Jon - Conservative     734
  • STEPHEN Gloria Elsie - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1375 ELECTED
  • WARD David - Labour     371
Lib Dem Focus Team held both seats, and experienced Dodington Parish Councillor Gloria Stephen now joins South Glos Council.

YATE CENTRAL (2 seats)
  • ABRAHAM Peter David - Labour     481
  • DAVIS Ruth Brenda - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1798 ELECTED
  • GARNER Roy - Conservative     982
  • MCGRATH Michael Paul - Labour Party Candidate     532
  • SUTTON Adrian - UKIP     831
  • WALKER Sue - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     1962 ELECTED
  • WATTS Fred - Conservative     884
Lib Dem Focus Team held both seats with existing councillors Ruth Davis and Sue Walker.

YATE NORTH (3 seats)
  • BLAIR Ian William Johnston - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     2466 ELECTED
  • DAVIS John Anthony - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     2330 ELECTED
  • DOLLIN Mike - Independent     418
  • DREW Mike - Liberal Democrat Focus Team     2653 ELECTED
  • FLETCHER Brian - Labour     676
  • MAGGS Alan William - Labour     534
  • NORTHAM Kion Kevan - Conservative     1566
  • RING Steven - UKIP     1048
  • SIMPSON Fred - Labour     552
  • WILLIAMS David Penry- Conservative     1840
  • WILLIAMS Sonia - Conservative     1725
Lib Dem Focus team held all three seats, with Yate Town Councillor John Davis now joining South Glos Council.
In nearby wards, the Lib Dems held the South Glos seats in Westerleigh,  Cotswold Edge, Frampton Cotterell and Charfield but lost Ladden Brook to the Conservatives.

The makeup of councillors on the new South Glos Council is:
  • Conservatives 40
  • Liberal Democrats 16
  • Labour 14
This gives the Conservatives a majority on South Glos.

Details of the results in other South Gloucestershire Council wards can be found on the South Glos website elections pages

Friday, 8 May 2015

Parliamentary election in Thornbury and Yate - full results

Luke Hall has taken Thornbury and Yate parliamentary seat for the Conservatives, with a majority of 1495.

The full results of the parliamentary election are as follows:
  • HALL Luke Anthony - Conservative     19,924 ELECTED
  • HAMILTON Iain Adams - Green      1,316
  • MARTIN Russ - UKIP     5,126
  • ROBERTS Hadleigh Vaughan - Labour     3,775
  • WEBB Steven John - Liberal Democrats     18,429
The majority was 1495.

We congratulate Luke Hall and hope that he will be as good an MP for our constituency as Steve Webb has been.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Please use your vote - a family story

The first time all women in the UK had a vote, my grandmother and her friend apparently queued up early at the polling station and walked in together as soon as the doors opened, so that they could claim to be the first. Please use your vote today.

The Editor

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Five Green Laws - a key Lib Dem policy

One of the policies that distinguishes the Liberal Democrats most from the other major parties is the Five Green Laws, aiming to put green commitments at the heart of the next Parliament’s legislative programme.

The five green laws will include regulations to cut household bills by increasing energy efficiency, legal targets for clean air and water, radical waste reduction plans, the introduction of a decarbonisation bill and reforms to planning law to encourage cycling.

Lib Dem Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change Ed Davey said: “The Lib Dems are the only party to have nailed their green credentials to the mast, and set out how this radical agenda will be delivered in a way that is both credible and affordable.

“Protecting the environment is in the Lib Dem’s DNA, and having these five Green Laws on the front page of our Manifesto shows our intent.

“From day one of the next Parliament we will have our green commitments on the table, from cleaning up the air we breathe, to greening the energy and transport we use.”

So waht are the five green laws?

Zero Carbon Bill

Introducing a Zero Carbon Britain Bill in the next parliament to end Britain’s adverse impact on climate change for good by 2050.

Zero Waste Bill

Treble fines and claw back £500 million for the taxpayer by clamping down on organisations which fly-tip to deliberately evade tax and review the tax structure across landfill, incineration and collection.

Green Homes Bill

New Green Homes Bill will insulate up to 10 million homes by 2025 and offer at least £100 a year off Council Tax for ten years when energy improvements are carried out.

Nature Bill

Establish the Natural Capital Committee on a statutory footing to provide advice to Government to ensure that nature is at the heart of government decision-making and that government departments are held to account for achieving progress against commitments to improving the natural environment.

Green Transport Bill

Transport has a significant role to play in reducing carbon emissions. In the UK, transport is responsible for around 25% of our carbon emissions and is the fastest growing source of carbon emissions. We will bring forward a comprehensive package of transport policies to continue to build a people-centred, sustainable, safe travel system that helps the economy grow.

A quick video summary of Lib Dem national policies

This 1 minute video from Sky News encapsulates what we're proposing to do:

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The local dimension - A stronger local economy that will benefit everyone

South Gloucestershire is the economic powerhouse of the West of England and this has helped to keep unemployment well below the national average. But more needs to be done to ensure that our local economy benefits everyone.

We will:
  1. Expand and promote apprenticeship schemes that provide real experience and prospects for our young people.
  2. Work with businesses, schools and colleges to make sure people have the skills they need to help our local economy to thrive and create jobs.
  3. Continue to improve broadband connectivity throughout rural and urban areas and to give residents more choice over their broadband provider.
  4. Ensure even better support for new and existing businesses.
  5. Keep local high streets the centres of our communities.
 Our record of action...

By working constructively with central government and the Local Economic Partnership we’ve helped to foster strong employment growth across South Gloucestershire.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

The local dimension - keeping our area green for future generations

Caring for our environment has always been a key Lib Dem principle. Over the past four years we have worked to increase the amount of rubbish South Gloucestershire recycles. We will use green space designation powers to help keep our area green for future generations.

We will: 
  1. Use the Council’s planning powers to protect green spaces to the same level as the Green Belt.
  2. Work to ensure more affordable housing is available locally (including through support for self-build schemes) while ensuring that neighbouring authorities also take their fair share.
  3. Protect the local Green Belt from unsuitable developments.
  4. Continue to improve recycling rates and increase the range of items that can be recycled.
  5. Reduce the Council’s carbon emissions through energy saving and increased use of renewables.
Our record of action...

We delivered on our 2011 manifesto commitment to collect Tetrapaks for recycling as well as mixed
plastics and small electrical items. We’ve also pushed the council to cut its energy bills and carbon footprint.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

Monday, 4 May 2015

The local dimension - Getting South Glos moving

The local Lib Dem team have worked hard over the years to help improve
public transport across South Gloucestershire. We will continue to campaign hard to protect and
increase local bus and train services and to take steps to reduce congestion and improve our roads.

We will:

1.   Make it easier for people to walk and cycle safely.
2.   Improve roads and tackle potholes.
3.   Reduce congestion through our towns and villages.
4.   Open new Park and Share and Park and Ride sites.
5.   Work with bus companies to improve services and reliability, reduce fares, and introduce smart cards.
6.   Support improvements to rail services including MetroWest and half hourly trains between Bristol
and Yate.

Our record of action...

We’ve consistently campaigned for more bus services for under-served areas. Lib Dem councillors successfully campaigned for the extension of the hourly 82 bus service connecting Yate to Southmead so that it now also serves Chipping Sodbury and Charfield.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

The local dimension - Health and caring

South Gloucestershire has some brilliant and caring health professionals. But  services are still not always as good as they should be. We will work closely with residents and the local NHS to help drive up standards and improve support for carers.

We will:
  1. Lobby for greater support and recognition for carers in South Gloucestershire.
  2. Foster stronger partnership with your local NHS to help enable better local services.
  3. Increase emphasis on helping people to lead healthier lives and doing more to help tackle chronic health problems caused by smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  4. Support more work to help to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health.
  5. Work in partnership with the police to help tackle anti-social behaviour and create a sense of safety for all.
Our record of action...

We have consistently campaigned for more health services to be provided at Yate, Thornbury and elsewhere so you don’t have to travel to Southmead unnecessarily.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The local dimension - Ensuring fairness and empowering communities

As the General Election gets nearer, people are losing sight of there being local elections as well. This is the first of a series of posts looking at the Liberal Democrat manifesto for South Gloucestershire, and what it means in our area. First of all, what are the issues for local communities?

Despite reduced funding from central government, the local Lib Dems have consistently worked to protect those in greatest need to help create a fairer society. Localism is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to ensure that important decisions are not simply left to council officers and that residents have a real voice in local decision-making.

We will:
  1. Prioritise the protection of services for vulnerable residents and fight for fair access to services for rural residents.
  2. Maintain the Council’s commitment to a living wage and continue to lobby the Council’s suppliers and providers to do the same.
  3. Empower local communities and residents by ensuring that they have a voice in decision-making through town/parish councils and area forums.
  4. Continue to support local voluntary groups through area forum grants.
  5. Look at ways of improving the standards of accommodation available for private tenants.
Our record of action...

The local Lib Dems ensured that a proportion of New Homes Bonus money is given to the areas where the new homes have been built, so those that take the pain get the gain.

This is an extract from the Liberal Democrat Vision for South Gloucestershire, our manifesto for the 2015 Local Elections.

Scam warning - gutter clearance

We understand that some residents have had people knocking at the door, claiming to have cleared the gutters unsolicited and asking for money.

Please warn vulnerable friends and family members not to fall for this, and just to shut the door. You may wish to inform the police if this happens to you.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Witches Hat play area officially opened

The revamped Witches Hat play area was opened yesterday by Cllr Wully Perks, the Mayor of Yate.

And here's a satisfied customer testing the slide!

There will be a free onsite workshop event on Sunday 10th May from 10.00 am until 4.00 pm, with lots of different activities. There is a chance that the mini skate park may be open by then too, it all depends on that part arriving.

Yate Riverside cinema development progressing well

Work on the Yate Riverside cinema and retail development is going on well. From some angles you may be able to see that the first steelwork frame is now up. Yate Shopping Centre says that they expect the "topping out" to happen in July, with the retail and restaurant units opening in December and the cinema by next Easter.

For the statistically minded, the foundations involve about 2500 cubic metres of concrete - enough to fill an Olympic size swimming poole, though we wouldn't want to swim in it afterwards! - and 500 tonnes of steel.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Bank Holiday bus services

First Bus have announced that they will be running a Sunday timetable on all their services across the West of England on Monday 4th and Monday 25th May.

More details of First Bus services are available from their website.

Beating the Bounds of Yate Common - Sunday 10 May 2015

Beating the Bounds is a traditional local activity for Rogation Sunday, walking round the boundaries of the Common so that people know what they hold as a community asset. In some places they beat the bounds of an entire parish, or ride round the boundaries of larger parishes.

The Common was nearly sold off for housing some years ago, but a determined campaign by local people (many now in the Focus Team) kept it in public ownership. This gives beating the bounds of the Common a special meaning. Please bring your children to show them what a lovely area we have just on the edge of the town.

Please come and join the walk, which starts from the kissing gate opposite St Briavel's Drive at 3pm on Sunday 10 May. Dogs are welcome, and if you can bring a small child even better.  As long as they are don’t mind (too much) they get turned upside down at each kissing gate/corner and then given sweets, which is our take on the original practice of beating them with sticks and then giving them a coin.