Friday, 20 February 2015

Threat to land between Cambrian Drive and Wellington Road kickabout area

Remember when developers tried to get the go ahead back in 2006? Together the Focus Team and Cambrian Drive Residents stopped them. Now new developers are trying. They’ve bought a house in Cambrian and plan to knock it down, put a road through, across the footpath from Wellington Road to Mountbatten and then build 18 houses.

They’ve knocked on doors in Cambrian to try to win support, but Focus got a warning out to residents and we’re working with residents to stop the plan. It would wreck the footpath’s safety, make traffic worse in Cambrian - and eat up land that’s been open for 40 years. The developers say they’re planning public meetings - make sure YOUR views are heard.

If you want to help the fight or make sure you find out the meeting dates and times, give Chris Willmore your email, and she’ll tell you as soon as the developers announce them!

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