Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Abbotswood - some excellent news

Yate Town Council has announced that they have reached agreement with the absentee landlord of Abbotswood for the Town Council to buy the "public" space. The Council and Abbotswood Action Group will now be able to do a lot more to improve the area.

The land being bought includes the paved and grassed areas at the front of the shops and some of the rear. 

Residents and councillors have been frustrated that they cannot invest in the area to do it up because the land is privately owned. Purchasing this land is the key to being able to raise money to do up the area.

Yate Town Council has been working carefully behind the scenes to achieve this.  Email agreement was reached yesterday and lawyers have now been instructed to carry out the conveyance as soon as possible. The Town Council statement says "Once completed, we will see a steep change in the sort of things the Action Group will be able to do and we look forward to working with them"

Massive thanks are due to the councillors and the council staff who have worked so hard on the negotiation. This is a key moment in securing Abbotswood's future.

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