Friday, 1 August 2014

Is self-build housing for you?

South Glos Council is currently carrying out a survey on self-build housing in South Gloucestershire. They want to find out how many people are interested in building their own home, and what help is needed to achieve this. The information provided will help the council to understand the demand for self-build in South Gloucestershire and inform the development of planning policy to support self-build in the area.

Self-build housing can be described as any instance where a person is involved in some way in the production of their new home rather than buying from a speculative home builder. The level of involvement can therefore vary greatly, from simple purchase of the site and appointment of a contractor, to greater project management of design and construction and undertaking all the construction work oneself. There are also examples of community self-build where a group self forms or is brought together by an organisation. Participants either work on each other’s homes until all the units are complete or subdivide land into plots and organise the construction of their home individually, sometimes collaborating to bulk buy materials etc.

Such is the possible scope of involvement in the construction process that the term ‘custom built’ housing is now also commonly used.

You can find out more and complete the survey online. The closing date for comments is Friday 15th August.

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