Friday, 11 April 2014

Reminder - major bus changes from Sunday 13 April

As we told you recently, bus services in the Yate and Chipping Sodbury area will change appreciably from this coming Sunday, 13 April.

This post amended 20 April - please see changes highlighted in yellow.

Click here to see the new timetables on the South Glos website, but both versions are showing until the changeover - please make sure that you look at the versions marked "From 13 April 2014" to see the new services.

For more detailed journey planning you can contact Traveline online or call them on 0871 200 2233.

For your convenience, our previous summary of the new services is repeated below (including some later clarifications now that we've seen the timetables)

Service 46 (replaces 327) Yate – Bristol
-    Will now serve Cranleigh Court Road, Greenways Road and Church Road instead of part of Station Rd.
-    Increased evening services, net result with Service 47 will be 30 minute frequency Yate – Bristol.
-    Also replaces 329, so Sunday services lost to Iron Acton, North Yate and Heron Way

Service X46 (replaces some of the X27 service) Yate – Bristol
-    First taking over from Wessex Connect
-    Together with 46 and 47, will provide 15 minute frequency Yate – Bristol
-    Will not go beyond Bristol Bus Station to Anchor Road
-    But will start from Chipping Sodbury (unlike the 46 service, which starts from Yate)

Service X27 Yate - North Yate - Bristol
-    Reduced service running Mon-Sat only
-    Continues to Anchor Road

Service 47/X47 (replacing 342/X42) Chipping Sodbury – Bristol
-    Increased Sunday frequency, later last journey home.

Service N47 (replaces N50 night bus) Bristol - Yate - Chipping Sodbury
-    Same service, different number.

Service X49 (replaces 689) Yate - Westerleigh - Pucklechurch - Bristol City Centre
-    Will now stop at Bristol Bus Station, not Colston Avenue
-    Faster journeys and tops up Bristol – Yate service.

Service 81 (replacing 581) Kingswood – Bristol Parkway – Yate
-    Replacing 581 Hanham - UWE - Bristol Parkway - Yate - Chipping Sodbury
-    But Chipping Sodbury service lost

Service 82 (replacing 482/483)  Southmead Hospital – Yate
-    Replacing 482/483 Chipping Sodbury – Yate – Cribbs Causeway.
-    Extended to Southmead Hospital
-    But Chipping Sodbury, Heron Way, Shire Way service lost.

Passengers for Southmead Hospital from Yate will be able to travel directly on the new Service 82; however, passengers will also have the option to travel on the 81 and then transfer to Service 18 at Bristol Parkway.


  1. Please post a correction, the X46 does NOT replace the X27 as the X27 continues to operate with revised timings on a slightly reduced service.

  2. It seems the council have just exercised a pull out of any kind of funding in Yate. As someone who comes from North Yate, entirely no Sunday services to North Yate; are pretty disastrous for pensioners trying to get around, and for families like us with no cars. What is going to happen when the Barratts Homes development on Peg hill gets underway?

  3. Thanks Paul W - the timetable for Wessex's continued X27 was published later than the other (First) services, and we didn't pick that up. I'll publish an amendment.

    Also thanks to johnnynrg - the 329 was a commercial service, so its withdrawal is not due to a cut in Council subsidy. If you would like to put pressure on South Glos Council to provide a subsidised Sunday bus service to North Yate, please email or write to Integrated Transport Manager, Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 0DR. Individual stories of the problems brought about by the changes are more likely to produce change than general pressure.

  4. Just to add to my previous comment, the X27 is a subsidised service but I believe it didn't run on Sundays. However the X46/X27 change appears to mean that North Yate has lost some of its subsidised Monday to Saturday services.

  5. Just to further update this story, from 31st August the X27 will be withdrawn presumably due to much lower loadings resulting from competition with First's X46 service.

    Many commuters who have used the service for some years now and who work in the Anchor Road area are annoyed at the prospect of having to walk from Marlborough Street Bus Station or catch another bus.

  6. Thanks Paul - I've incorporated your point into a blog post I was already writing about the latest changes, see