Tuesday, 4 June 2013

South Glos consultation on switching Yate street lights off after midnight

During 2013 the council is extending its ‘part-night’ lighting scheme throughout South Gloucestershire. A fifth of South Glos street lights successfully converted to part-night operation so that they are switched off between midnight and 5:00 am GMT in order to reduce carbon emissions and conserve energy.

There is a rolling programme to convert the lights - Yate will be converted during August, and other local areas are also being converted. All street lights will be switched to part-night operation except:
  • Places where South Glos consider they help mitigate crime and anti-social behaviour, or improve road safety and reduce accidents
  • Lights that are important for the operation of council or police CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Lights that are close to 24-hour emergency services such as hospitals
  • Lights next to pedestrian crossings and controlled junctions
  • Lights next to sheltered housing premises

Lights that meet these criteria will stay on throughout the night.

To see maps of the areas where lights will remain on or be switched off, and to comment on the proposals, please visit this South Glos web page and clcik through to view the plans:
Yate street lighting

South Glos are asking for comments on specific lights that should not be switched off because they fall into the categories above. They are NOT inviting comments on the council's part-night lighting policy overall - the decision to move has already been taken to move to part-night street lighting.

The comments period will run until 15th July.

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