Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Badminton Road surface repairs

Many residents are concerned about the state of Badminton Road through Coalpit Heath, a major commuting route from our area. Not only is the uneven surface dangerous, it also increases the noise of passing lorries. Claire Young has met officers on site several times to discuss residents' concerns.

In August, officers carried out a “walk through” of Badminton Road. They have highlighted three areas of priority:
  • Priority 1 – Area on dual carriageway section heading towards the A4174.
  • Priority 2 – Area from Frog Lane to Woodside Road.
  • Priority 3 – Sporadic areas through Coalpit Heath including the section from Beesmoor Road to the viaduct.
They do not believe they will be able to get all three priorities completed in this financial year, although they can not be sure of the exact costs at this stage. They have already been tackling priority 1.

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