Monday, 21 May 2012

Recycling update

Since late March, SITA have been distributing bags for cardboard recycling to all those on the waiting list. If you asked for one and haven't got it or would like to ask for one for the first time, please ring 01454 868000 or request one online.

Residents raised a number of concerns when we carried out surveys earlier this year. Officers have investigated complaints of boxes and bags not being put back properly and have answered some of your recycling questions:

  • All food waste can be accepted except larged uncooked bones, as these don't break down well in the anaerobic digester.
  • Envelopes can go in the paper recycling as long as you remove the plastic windows.
  • Pieces of wood of no more than 4" diameter can go in the green waste bin - larger pieces can be recycled at the Sort IT centre.
  • Old clothes and shoes can be put out in a carrier bag with the green box.

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