Friday, 6 April 2012

Cycleway link - new planning application "The Fishing Lakes Link"

South Glos Council has submitted planning application no. PT12/0895/R3F for an 800 metre length of cyclepath parallel with Westerleigh Rd, from its junction with Kidney Hill to the Green Lane that gives leads towards the Railway Path at Coxgrove Hill. This would avoid the "pinch point" under the motorway at the rail depot, and give a more direct route in due course to Emersons Green.

See the South Glos website for details - look under Documents, then "The Fishing Lakes Link" for full details in a very understandable form. If you wish to make a comment it has to be in by 17 April.

This is an extension of the Yate to Railway Path cycle link already planned. To get direct to Emersons Green, a further link would be needed via Lyde Green - there's no planning application for that at the moment.

Incidentally, the Joint Cycleways Group meeting due on 17 April has been postponed because the representatives from Sodbury Town Council can't make it. They're trying to reschedule for early May. We will report here after the meeting.

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