Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Yate Bus Station - Why the delay? Why is it all taking so long?

Quite rightly people have been contacting us asking why the big new shelter hasn't gone in during the summer as we were promised. We've been trying to find out. Chris Willmore reports on the latest position:

"The officer responsible is refusing to answer phone calls today. He was on holiday in August and everyone else in the dept said they did not know what was going on and we should ask him when he got back on Monday. So people did. And he has not been returning calls or been available"

"Earlier in the summer he said he did not have the money after all. Ruth Davis found him another pot of cash to get rid of that excuse. So, as we can all see, despite cast iron promises in writing from officers, the work has not even started. This Tory run council thinks it can ignore us. It is a disgrace. Incompetent does not even begin to describe the position"

"So, we as your councillors are back to square one, phoning and emailing and trying to get hold of officers. The one light in the tunnel, Steve Evans, a South Glos Director who was brilliant at getting action from his staff, had a heart attack in July, and shortly after things ground to a halt. I hope Steve gets well and comes back soon, as we very much need him as the none officer with a consistent 'can do' mentality"

"At this rate the new Tesco will be open and providing a bus shelter inside it before South Glos gets itself sorted."


  1. Anonymous6:35 am

    Have you considering opening up a new front by reporting the problem to the excellent FixMyTransport?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. The FixMyTransport entry would probably end up on the same desk. But if we all do that it's put the pressure on - I've just submitted my own comment. Hopefully others will do the same.