Monday, 29 August 2011

First Bus raise fares

On Sunday, First Bus increased the price of adult and children, single and return tickets between 5p and 20p depending on the length of the journey. They have also introduced three new season tickets and are reducing prices for a limited period on some of the existing ones.
More information on the First Bus website.


  1. I'm not entirely sure, but it looks like the new First Day Bristol Plus ticket might be the best option for traveling between Yate/Sodbury and Bristol bus station. The new ticket is £6 whereas I think a return is somewhere around the £7 mark.

  2. I think you may be right. Perhaps a reader who's a regular traveler on this route could confirm?

  3. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Yes indeed it is now cheaper if you traveling for the day into Bristol, to get a "FirstDay Bristol Plus" ticket, with the added advantage that any onward travel is also covered. (No more walking up to Clifton!)

    Also the weekly ticket is reduced from £27 to £20 per week on an on-going basis.

    Whilst its undoubtedly good to see permanent (well until the next review) reductions in the fair prices, the new prices bring with some rather odd peculiarities. For example, why have your cash return fare to Bristol pegged at a higher price than a day ticket and the ‘Bristol Plus’ monthly ticket will only be reduced to £80 until October where upon it returns to £110 resulting in four weekly tickets being cheaper?!?! (A sceptic would say it’ll be withdrawn soon under the guise of fare simplification)