Sunday, 15 May 2011

Could Brimsham Park development field become a village green?

Residents near the proposed massive housing development to the north of Yate have suggested protecting a key field by giving it village green status. They want the field next to Randolph Avenue and Leechpool Way to become a buffer zone between the new and existing houses.

Town councillor Chris Willmore is investigating the idea on behalf of residents, but she warns that it won't be easy because it is necessary to distinguish general use from the people using the footpaths.

She said: "I think there are legal problems about rights of way so it will not be a home run.

"Residents will be asked for evidence about how often the field is used, what it is used for and if people think they have a right to use it.

"But it is a possibility and is certainly worth carrying out a data survey before we give a reasoned judgment."

Yate Town Council will be sending leaflets about the proposal to all the residents in Brimsham Park next month.

Please don't forget to sign our petition against the Brimsham Park development!

The Gazette has more details about the village green proposal here

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