Monday, 21 March 2011

New partnership to tackle local issues in Yate and Dodington

Yate Town Council and Dodington Parish Council have agreed to take the lead on a new community effort to tackle issues in "Priority Neighbourhoods" where it is felt that extra activity and investment will benefit a specific area. They will be forming a Community Lead Group with South Glos to co-ordinate the involvement of local people and to bring together other local organisations, plus agencies such as the Fire and Rescue Service and the Health Service.

They hope to build on the many examples of positive work undertaken by the three councils and local community groups including Yate in Bloom and the forthcoming Youth Café. The focus will be on practical work and projects to give local people opportunities to improve their own wellbeing and the life of their community.

Cllr Ian Blair, Mayor of Yate, said: "When a community lives and works together it will be a strong and safe community. We will be working to make it easier for this community to flourish from the inside not imposing structures from the outside. Yate and Dodington are good places to live and through working together with the community they will become even better."

Paul Hulbert of Dodington Parish Council, said: "Yate and Dodington have a lot of experience of working together, so we've agreed to take the lead on this initiative. Priority Neighbourhoods are areas where we've identified that work needs to be done to improve lives and opportunities for local people of all ages, whether it's health, education, employment or environment. But this isn't just another council committee - we want to get together with local voluntary groups to try to improve our area from the inside."

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