Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Better promotion needed for young people’s travel card

Councillors who campaigned for a discount travel card for young people have criticised Tory-run South Gloucestershire Council for its handling of the new scheme.

At a recent meeting of the Council’s select committee responsible for transport, Lib Dem councillors said the scheme needed to be promoted better, both to bus drivers and young people.

Cllr Mike Thomas said, “People have complained to me that drivers do not recognise the cards, which is completely unacceptable. It’s about time we made this clear to providers.”

Cllr Claire Young said, “A young person visiting the Council’s website to find out more is likely to find it difficult to navigate to the right information. When they do get there, it is written in very unfriendly language. People of any age would more quickly understand what is meant by a ‘discount travel card’ than ‘concessionary travel’.”

Speaking afterwards, Cllr Ian Blair, the Lib Dem spokesperson for Young People, said, “There is a clear lack of co-ordination between the Cabinet Member responsible for transport and the one responsible for young people and it is hampering the promotion of this very important scheme. It is outrageous that 10 months into the project problems that should have been picked up in the pilots have still not been resolved.”

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