Monday, 31 January 2011

Which bus stops need real-time information?

Which bus shelters should be fitted with equipment to tell you when the next bus is really likely to arrive, rather than the time printed on the timetable? That is the question being asked by one local Councillor after South Glos Council announced there wasn’t enough money to fit all the new bus shelters with the equipment.

Cllr Linda Boon (Lib Dem, Chipping Sodbury) said, “I was disappointed to learn that only a small proportion of the new bus shelters will actually be getting the 'real-time information' kit and I think it’s really important to install it in the right places. The Council is proposing to fit the kit on the shelter in Wickwar Road, but not on any of the ones along St John’s Way which is where all the houses are. If we want to encourage more people to use the bus, it’s important for them to be able to go to their nearest bus stop and see when the next bus will really be arriving.”

The same applies throughout Yate and Dodington - some sites are apparently too expensive to lay power cables to, even though they've spent thousands of pounds replacing the shelters.

Please comment here to let us know YOUR views about the stops which need the real time information.

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  1. Gosh, what a difficult position to be in! It might be worth asking if anyone knows of any stops which are almost always empty to stop the inevitable influx of 'MINE!'

    I regularly catch the 342 and 581, but rarely see people waiting to catch the bus between Yate station and the high street when coming back from Bristol (the shopping centre excluded). So I'd say there were a fairly large proportion of stops which are used mostly for dropping people off rather than letting them on and thus don't need realtime displays.