Thursday, 4 November 2010

Flat rate bus fare success for Yate

Local transport campaigners are celebrating the news that you will soon be able to travel anywhere in Yate for £1. The flat rate will apply on all buses within Yate run by Wessex Connect and Severnside Transport buses.

Yate Town Councillor Chris Willmore said, “This is something we’ve been fighting for for over three years. It makes taking a bus within the town cheaper and simpler. People will be able to get on the bus knowing exactly how much it will cost them and knowing it won’t be an arm and a leg.”

Cllr Sue Walker (Lib Dem, Yate Central and Chair of Friends of Yate Station) said, “Now it’s cheap enough, we all need to get out there and use the buses so we don’t lose them. This flat rate fare will be a real boon for rail users, who up to now have had to fork out nearly as much for the short bus ride to the station as they have for their rail tickets in some cases. Taking a bus to the station and then travelling further afield will now be a real option for many more people.”

Cllr Claire Young (Lib Dem, Westerleigh) said, “This is excellent news for the people of Yate, we now need something similar for people living in the surrounding villages. When it costs over half as much to get the bus from Coalpit Heath to Yate station as it does for the train trip from there to Bristol and back, it’s no wonder people are put off using the services.”

The photos show Lib Dem Cllr Alan Lawrance at a bus stop and a group of campaigners including Chris Willmore (left) with green survey forms. The top demand in our green survey was cheap bus transport round town so people can leave the car at home.

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