Sunday, 21 November 2010

Chipping Sodbury Waitrose development gathers pace

Several recent moves show that the developers are serious about this site. Chelverton Deeley Freed has bought the former Lanes hardware shop in the High Street. This would give them a way through to the river and onwards to the Waitrose site.

The Gazette quotes a company director saying that they want to create a pedestrian link with three, four or five new shops at the rear of the building.

In another move Sodbury Town Council has agreed to give up its lease on the Wickwar Road car park. There are currently 180 free spaces. Under the Waitrose plan the free spaces will be reduced to 92 but there would be a further 208 short-term spaces for shoppers to the supermarket and the High Street. Again, more from the Gazette here.

A revised planning application is being submitted, and South Glos Council is expected to make a decision in December or January.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Do you think the site will be under parked, or is 208 spaces enough?

  2. I suppose it depends what they call short-term parking. But there will be 120 more spaces than at the moment, making a total of 300, not 208.

    Hopefully the developers will have done their sums, based on other stores - if there isn't enough parking the Waitrose will lose potential customers.