Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New Sodbury footpath shows its worth, but more needed

In the recent snow it was a pleasure to be able to use the new footpath in Gorlands Road rather than tramping along the grass verge.

Previously there was no footpath on Gorlands Road except on a short section near the middle, despite the two groups of sheltered housing Whitefields and Batten Court. Anybody living in the Gorlands Road area had to brave the parked cars and the rough verge in order to walk into the High Street or Hatters Lane.

The footpath was provided after a sustained campaign by Lib Dem Focus councillors Ann Hulme and Linda Boon, and with the kind cooperation of the Badminton estate, which owns some of the verge.

This is not the only place in Chipping Sodbury that needs better footways, and the Focus Team is continuing to campaign for improvements - there are narrow and dangerous places elsewhere. Footpaths need to be wide enough for disabled buggies to pass comfortably and safely - please let us know if there's a particular problem area you want to be tackled.

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