Thursday, 15 January 2009

Street light switch-off?

Street lighting costs South Glos £1.1 million a year, and that is predicted to rise to £1.6m by Oct 2009. South Glos is now thinking of switching off some of the lights. for a number of hours
at night, possibly between midnight and 5.30am, to achieve a 40 per cent cut in energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Council has promised that areas such as sheltered housing and accommodation for vulnerable people, hospitals, areas with CCTV surveillance equipment, pedestrian crossings, subways, enclosed footpaths and alleyways, roundabouts, approaches to major junctions and speed humps will still be lit.

This is good for the environment, and our pockets, but what do you think about the idea in safety terms? Please tell us, so we can make sure YOUR views are heard before a decision is taken.


  1. Gail Boyle5:39 pm

    Can you tell me where this information came from - is there a press release or council report??

  2. Thanks for the comment, Gail - I'll post more details here when I've talked to one of my colleagues. I believe that there are currently some limited local trials, but I haven't seen a S Glos press release or official report yet.

  3. There are more details on the Evening Post website -

    It came from South Gloucestershire Council's director of community services, Steve Evans.